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St Anne’s is Open!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

St Anne’s is usually open as a place of quiet and prayerfulness:

Monday to Friday 9-5 and sometimes on Saturdays from 10am and on Sundays after the morning Service until late afternoon.

Please forgive us if an event in the hall means the church is not completely quiet when you come.

Regular services are:

Sunday Eucharist at 11am

Morning Prayer: Tue- Thur at 8.30am

Tuesday Communion at 1.05pm

We welcome all to come and share in worship here and hope you leave refreshed and resourced for the day ahead.

The Parish Office is usually open Monday – Friday from 9- 5.30

Administrator: Lynn Cochrane

Assistant Priest of St Anne’s: Rev’d Dr Keith Riglin

ST ANNES   55 DEAN STREET   LONDON   WID 6AF   TELEPHONE: 020 7437 8039     EMAIL    Annual Report