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Monday, January 4th, 2021

With a heavy heart we have taken the decision that, with the nation in lockdown again, public worship at St Anne’s should cease for the time being- a move supported by the majority of the Parochial Church Council and the Bishop of London. Services on Sunday will continue to be held behind closed doors and live-streamed on youtube (see link on the Worship page), and we will continue to create a written service which will be emailed and also printed and delivered to those without internet access.

Our feeling was that whilst public worship is allowed to continue under lockdown, that does not mean that it necessarily should, and that we have a pastoral responsibility to remove from people the temptation to make unnecessary journeys to join in worship, when we provide materials for them to worship safely at home.

Many of our congregation live locally and walk to church, but even for them their risk of exposure is increased by coming to an intimate environment where they are more inclined to unintentionally interact closely with those they are pleased to see.

Twelve step meetings will continue as usual.

The effects of neither this pandemic nor recent lockdowns should be underestimated. Please reach out to us if you, or someone you know someone is struggling in any way. We are here to support you spiritually, but also practically and emotionally.  No one should feel alone at this time.

Fr Simon ( Rector)


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