Posted: Sunday 11th October 2020

Regular events

There’s a regular pattern of worship:

Sunday Eucharist at 11am, Tuesday communion at 1.05pm, Morning Prayer Tuesday-Thursday at 8.30am

Thursdays 6pm (second Thursday of Feb/ April/ June/ Aug/ Oct/ Dec) Evening Prayer with the Sybils, a group for Trans Christians, their friends and allies. This event is currently taking place on-line. Enquire for details.

See the ‘Wednesdays’ post on the the News page for details of on-line Bible studies and discussion groups.

In addition to many individual events there are lots of regular activities that take place here. Contact Jake Lee the administrator for details about how to attend.


AA-7.30am         NA – 11am            AA- 5pm         AA (LGBT+)  Step – 6:30pm
London City Voices – 6:30pm


AA 7.30 am        NA  11.30 am             ACA 2.30pm        AA Soho Sober – 6pm
AA Soho Step – 7:20pm              Tai Chi – 6pm


AA 7.30 AM       NA   1oam       AA Soho Sober – 6pm

London City Academy Choir – 7:30pm


(Our usual Lunch for Over 60’s – is currently unable to be held)

AA 7.30 am


AA 7.30 am   NA  (LGBT+) 7.30 pm

West End Ward Councillors Surgery – 5-6pm (Last Friday in the month)


AA 10.30     ACA   12pm

AA-Alcoholics Anonymous.      NA – Narcotics Anonymous   ACA- Adult Children of Alcoholics




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